General Information - Fees

Dear Parents                                                                                               
These are the school fees and levies that will be effective from the beginning of the 2019 school year.  The school fee and levy structure for 2019 will be:
  School Fees :                    $1,020    per family
Curriculum/Stationery Levy:  $240    per child or  
                                                         $480    for two or more children
Excursion/Incursion Levy: $  45    per child
Swimming Levy: $  39    per child
Camp(Grade 5/6 only): $240    per child
Every effort has been made to keep school fees at a reasonable level in 2019. Our fees remain the lowest of the independent and Catholic Schools in the Shire of Melton. For your convenience we offer a number of methods for payment of school fees and levies. All fees and levies for the year are billed at the commencement of the school year. Camp will be billed at the commencement of the school year and families can elect to pay off over the year and have this built into their payment plans, or alternatively pay in a lump sum prior to the date of the camp.
In previous years, parents have been asked to supply a list of stationery items for each student for the whole year. In 2019 the school has purchased stationery packs for each student in all year levels. Therefore, the Curriculum Levy in 2019 will also include a Stationery Levy which will eliminate the need for parents to purchase this list of items for their children.
Fees and levies, can be broken up into either term, monthly, fortnightly or weekly payments or an annual payment. Payments are accepted by cash, cheque, MasterCard, Visa, money order and direct bank account debit. EFTPOS facilities are also available at the school office.
All families are asked to complete a School Fee Payment Option form for 2019 and return it to school as soon as possible. This will enable us to have a record of the manner in which school fees will be paid. I encourage families to select one of the authorised debit of credit card or bank account options if this is suitable as this is the preferred method for the office.
Note that for those families who hold a valid health care card and are eligible for the Camp, Sports & Excursion Fund (CSEF) payment of $125 per child, this can be applied against the Excursion/lncursion Levy and the Swimming Levy with any balance to be offset against camp where applicable or carried forward to the next year.
From 2018, for those families who qualify for CSEF the School will also offer a discount of $500 per family on your school fees. Please fill in the fee payment options form for the FULL fee and levy amounts then tick option 9 on the fee payment option form and once we have validated your CSEF eligibility for 2019 we will apply the discount and adjust your fee and levy amounts accordingly. Confirmation will be sent to families once this has been done and also advising the amended amounts.
If you believe that you will be eligible for CSEF in 2019 please complete a CSEF application form for 2019 and return together with your fee payment options form. This will enable us to validate your CSEF application in 2019.
A copy of your Centrelink card is required when lodging your CSEF application at the school office.
As it is always stated, we are a Catholic School and it is important that all Catholic children have access to their local Parish School. Parents experiencing financial difficulties can discuss the issues with me and come to an arrangement that means their children will be able to attend our school.
Yours sincerely