General Information - Social Media Policy



 Internet, Social Media and Mobile Phone/Electronic Devices Policy

St Anthony’s Primary School acknowledges that the Internet, Social Media, and Mobile phones are becoming an integral part of life. This can have an impact on the day to day running of our school. The widespread availability and use of different technologies brings opportunities to understand, engage and communicate with audiences in new ways. It is important that we are able to use these technologies and services effectively and flexibly. However it is also important to ensure that we balance this with a level of protection covering the school, staff, students and parents.


All families receive a copy of our Cyber Safety Agreement. Parents are asked to read the agreement with their children and sign the agreement. This is returned to the school.

Mobile Phone/Electronic Devices

While we understand that many children use and carry mobile phones/electronic devices, there are measures in place to protect students and these devices while at school.

  • Phones/Electronic Devices must be handed to teachers upon arrival at school. These are then locked away, before being handed back to children at 3:20pm.
  • Children are not permitted to use phones/electronic devices in school grounds or during school hours. This includes making calls, texting, using camera and internet functions, or using media/music players.

Failure to meet these requirements will see the phone/electronic device removed from the child and held in the School Office until it is collected by a parent.

Social Media

St Anthony's School accepts that the use of Social Media can be an effective business and social tool and that such media is commonly used to express views, comments, and ideas on a range of issues.

However, it is expected that all members of the St Anthony’s community behave in such a manner that:

  • The welfare of all members of the school is not adversely impacted upon.
  • The reputation of the school is not negatively affected or brought into disrepute.

When using Social Media, it is expected that members of our school community will:  

  • Demonstrate appropriate personal and professional boundaries and behaviours  
  • Ensure online behaviour reflects the same standards of honesty, respect, and consideration that a person uses when communicating face-to-face
  • Respect the rights, privacy and confidentiality of others.
  • Ensure all content published is accurate and not misleading  
  • Not post or respond to material that is offensive, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, bullying, discriminatory, hateful, threatening, violent, racist, sexist, pornographic, or is otherwise unlawful. •
  • Not infringe on copyright or cause damage to the reputation of St Anthony’s school, or bring it into disrepute.